Independent Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning expertise you can use for project success

With projects more visible than ever, our clients use us to provide innovative design advice and smart ways to get the best value for money while demonstrating compliance in an ever more regulated environment.

Clients rely on our collective experience across all types of traffic engineering and transport planning projects developed over many decades to anticipate and prevent the unexpected - to succeed in an increasingly complex environment.

Engaging us to work alongside you, you benefit from:

A dedicated team of experts

We measure our success according to clients’ successful project outcomes.

Professional experience

We average over 20 years of professional experience across our entire team.

Depth of Knowledge

Odds are that you have benefited from our traffic engineering knowledge applied to the roads you drive on, the area you live, or the places you visit.

Timeframe focus

We work with you to achieve your project time frames.

Easy communication

Clients consistently tell us that we not only deliver high quality outcome-oriented work, but that they find us a pleasure to work with.

We work with you to ensure your projects succeed

Our combined decades of applied traffic engineering knowledge give you the independent, technically-sound and timely advice needed for project success.

Take advantage of our collective experience successfully delivering thousands of projects from individual house sites to regional transport initiatives.

Working with the complexities of the transport and regulatory environment, we have successfully navigated client projects through interesting challenges and our experience has enabled us to foresee and avoid potential problems before they occur.